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released December 16, 2012

Sri Mookambika Suprabhatam
Mohamed Fouad - We Baheb
Lei Qiang - Embroidered Pouch
The Modern Sounds - Atomic Cocktail
Debbie Gibson - Electric Youth
Ami Odori - Cherry Blossom Viewing Dancing
Tim Maia - Você E Eu, Eu E Você (Juntinhos)
Tim Maia - Boogie Esperto
Esquivel - Todavia
The Modern Sounds - Tico Tico
Mohamed Fouad - Tany
Mohamed Fouad - Feinak
H.P. Lovecraft - Wayfaring Stranger
Aisi Lagi Lagan
The Carpenters - Solitaire
The Commodores - Easy
Tim Maia - Primavera (Vai Chuva)
Tim Maia - Murmúrio
Tim Maia - Você
Tim Maia - Carinhos
Youssoupha - Ma Destinee
Seals and Crofts - East of the Ginger Trees
Mohamed Fouad - Damaaetain
Tim Maia - Velho Camarada
Shaun Cassidy Da Doo Ron Ron
Alan Silvestri - Predator - End Title v2
Debbie Gibson - We Could Be Together
Lee Morgan - Twice Around
Sonar Senghor and his Rhythms - Gnounba Gnibi
Mohamed Fouad - Am Hamza
Mohamed Fouad - Am Hamza2
Lee Morgan - Twilight Mist
Aga - Gending Sekar Gabund
Tim Maia - Você Me Enganou
Michel LeGrand - Merry Go Round
Disney's Cinderella - Bibbity Boppity Boo
Tim Maia - Imunização Racional
Mohamed Fouad - El Alb El Tayeb
Lei Qiang - Moonlight Reflected on the Er-Quan Spring (Hua Yan-Jun)
Billy Preston and Streeta - With You I'm Born Again
Timbuktu - Kapitulera
Tim Maia - Para Que Vou Recordar (O Que Chorei)
Charlie Clouser - Saw - Zepp Overture
Alan Silvestri - Beowulf - He Has A Story To Tell
Aboriginal Love Song
Flowers & Jade Trees at Back Countyard
Ipanema Sunset - Eu Sem Voce
Dewey Balfa & Tracy Schwarz - Open Strings Of Standard A 440 Tuning
Mohamed Fouad - Saaban
Mohamed Fouad - Tabeyly
Tim Maia - Coroné Antonio Bento
Tim Maia - I've Never Felt Like This Before
Mohamed Fouad - Tehremny Leih Mennak
Mohamed Fouad - Lyk Haq Tezaaal
Enoch Light - 'S Wonderful
Dewey Balfa & Tracy Schwarz - Line B1 Tune 1
Tim Maia - Arrastao
Mohamed Fouad - Alby
Hossein Alizadeh & Jivan Gasparyan - Birds
Tim Maia - Não Fique Triste
The Beach Boys - I'm Waiting For The Day
Mohamed Fouad - Esmaany
Tim Maia - Sai Pr L
Mohamed Fouad - Ala Ainy
Tim Maia - I've Never Felt Like This Before
Tim Maia -Energia Racional
Al Green - Could This Be The Love
Bob Marley - Mr Brown
Kid N Play - Rollin With Kid N Play
Tim Maia - Parabéns
Harry Nilsson - 1941
Olivia - So Sexy
The Jackson Five - I Want You Back
Gene Pitney - 24 Hours From Tulsa
The Mar-Kays - Bush Bash
Sugarloaf - Greeneyed Lady
Joe Loco - Nightmare
Enoch Light - Mack The Knife
Jane's Addiction - Mountain Song
Player - Baby Come Back
Mohamed Fouad - Tamni Aleek
Mohamed Fouad - Hayran
Tim Maia - Salve Nossa Senhora
Al Caiola - Bernie's Tune
Julius La Rosa - Try A Little Tenderness
Mohamed Fouad - Maqoul
Lei Qiang - Picking Flowers
Mohamed Fouad - Fee Weshak
Harry Nilssen - Without Her
The Bird and the Bee - Preparedness
Urszula Dudizak - Bluesette
Mohamed Fouad - Ya Nasy Rohy
Dewey Balfa & Tracy Schwarz
Mohamed Fouad - Mali Bas
Billy Eckstine - I Got A Right To Sing The Blues
June Christy - When Lights Are Low
June Christy - Blue Moon
Tim Maia - Só Você
Debbie Gibson - Shades of the Past
Los Folkloristas - Tierra Mestiza
Pete Fountain - Talkin' 'bout You
Los Folkloristas - Tierra Mestiza
Lei Qiang - Liu Yang River
Otis Redding - I'm Depending On You
Dusty Springfield - Breakin' Up A Happy Home
Mohamed Fouad - El Leil El Hady
George McCrae - Rock Your Baby
Mohamed Fouad - Beshoula Keda




57 Splits Chicago, Illinois

Making sample based and experimental music using free and open source software since the beginning of the 21st century.

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